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Rih Dil: Into The Unspoilt Hinterland of Myanmar

“Rih Lake is the largest lake in Mizoram, but it is in Burma,” is a common saying of the Mizo people. In the far east of Myanmar, almost on the border with India, lies the heart-shaped lake that is known as Rih Dil.

The Love Beach of the Islas Marietas

The Marietas Islands are situated of the coast of the state of Nayarit, in Mexico, and are a very popular tourist destination. The Mexican government has made the islands a national park, and protects them from fishing and hunting. This has given rise to an abundance of marine life in and around the coral reefs, as well as being a haven for birds.


Set in the western side of the Philippines, Palawan is not just an amazing tourist spot, its unspoiled beaches and virgin shores are also home to a number of rare species of marine life and beautiful coral reefs, which has made it a National Heritage Site, protected from the advances of tourism.

Travel in the Philippines – Commuting like a Local

Wherever you go around the world, you’re most likely to use public transport at some point. Here in the Philippines, it’s a very different story….there has never been a “public” transport system to match that in the Philippines.