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Tibet is a land of mystery and snow. Sitting high above the world on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, this autonomous region of China is one of the most visited holiday locations in Asia, counting over 5,000 tourists a day coming into Lhasa, the capital, in the peak summer months.


Set in the western side of the Philippines, Palawan is not just an amazing tourist spot, its unspoiled beaches and virgin shores are also home to a number of rare species of marine life and beautiful coral reefs, which has made it a National Heritage Site, protected from the advances of tourism.


Wine, cheese, the Eiffel Tower, snooty waiters – France is famous for a lot of things and for good reason. It’s beautiful with stunning coastlines, valleys, wine country, forests, and beaches; has some of the best food and wine in the world; historic towns and chateaus, and a long and rich history. And, despite what you might hear, the French are a wonderful people who love to stop and smell the roses.